About Me

I firmly believe that each and everything we go through in life sculpts us in one way or another into who we are and ultimately will be. Originally from Bowling Green, Ohio, my family and a very little me moved to the Pacific Northwest when I was about two. From all of the stories I had heard over the years of things we had experienced back in “O-H 10” as my dad liked to call it, until about the age of 12, I had my birthplace neatly summed up into one image. I was born in a green bowling alley, somewhere in the middle of a cornfield, with a tornado bearing down on us while narrowly escaping a trailer fire. Now that I’m much older and wiser, I see that is completely silly. As if Ohio is really known for its cornfields…

As a child I loved to read, and as I grew, that passion grew also.  One day in my early thirties I had reached the point where I couldn’t find the ending I wanted in a book, so I started writing my own endings, then my own beginnings. ( Wouldn’t that be great if we could do that in real life? Oh that’s right, we can!)